Friday, December 3, 2010

A Terrible Guide to Finding Exclusive Group Deals in Your Local City

This article was originally written by a late friend of mine named Larry Chen, but published to my website when it was more of a group project. I have decided to keep this. The words below are his, and not mine at all. Thank you for your concerns.

I used to live in Calgary, but now live in Saskatoon, and I wouldn't mind living here for the long-term. It's a great city, and the businesses are interesting.

But, moving on... I like cheap stuff as much as any other person.

Recently, this website's webmaster and founder discovered group buying deal websites, but I decided to look into them further.

Basically, these websites allow you an awesome deal that ranges from 50% to as much as 90% off any regular deals. However, there is a catch. On a regular (likely daily) basis, group deal websites tend to post a deal, as long as enough people "buy the deal," meaning enough people actually have to be interested and commit to it.

Let's take a look at this screenshot below: Example
This screenshot was taken from, advertising a great deal that is essentially 50% off of a professional snowboard waxing at 2nd Nature Sports & Apparel on 2nd Avenue North in Saskatoon. Under the part that says "it's a deal," it says "Tipped at 22:13:58 with 10 bought."

So, basically, in order for you to be eligible for this deal, you must commit to buying it. Upon doing so, you must provide your billing and credit card information. Once the required number of people (in the case above, ten) does what you just did, the deal becomes active, and you will receive an email regarding its confirmation. Usually, you will need to print off a coupon or certificate, while some websites offer a smartphone app that allows you to use as a way of presenting it to the business rather than using up paper.

In the picture above, the deal was active because ten or more people committed to buying it, so the number of people who bought it will have their credit cards charged. Now, if the required number of people does not buy it, your credit card will not be charged. It's as simple as that.

So, now that you have a good idea of what these websites are for.

With Reverend Huy Dang's results so far, I have found a few more websites. In total, here is what we both found that offer discounts in Saskatoon: For those of you who live in Calgary, I did find some similar websites.

Sites like Groupon and WagJat already include Calgary, but here are some that do include Calgary but not Saskatoon: And in case you didn't know, Future Shop did something similar to this not long ago, and it was a huge success for them, I bet. I bought myself a laptop, anti-virus software and USB headset for $299.99 before taxes and fees! For more information on that, click here.

Please note that this page/article will be updated on a regular basis, should more websites be discovered.