Saturday, February 5, 2011

Earn Some Pocket Cash by Taking Surveys!

SurveysAre you a university student? Usually, university students are assumed to be broke, unless their parents are paying for their tuition. I, on the other hand, have been fortunate enough to receive some free money, but not from my parents.

So, the annoying thing about universities is that there are terms in which you will find yourself with a few hours where you have nothing to do, and more than often, you can't really squeeze much studying into that timeframe. So, you find yourself wanting to go downtown for lunch or something, but there's not much time for that either. So, naturally, you may decide to find a friend, or hang out at the library, use your laptop or find a computer lab and surf the Internets.

Well, why not use that time to make some money? Yes, take surveys.

By taking surveys, you'll be shaping how the world turns out, by voicing your opinion on political issues, new products, etc. Plus, you can earn points for... gift certificates, or "cold hard cash."

Why not start today? I've made a good amount of money taking surveys with my spare time, even if it seemed like forever to get any money. Of course, not all websites offer money. Some will offer Air Miles or Aeroplan miles!

Here is a list of research panels that I am a part of. You should join too. So, join the websites listed above and start earning some "mad cheddar!"