Sunday, February 26, 2017

"Rejuvenation! Rebirth! All That Crap!"


It has been at least two years since I have posted anything new! I have redesigned this website and started a blog from scratch. All previous "articles" I wrote that were from my old website have now been merged with this new blog. As for my old blog, I used the same blog for 11+ years as a personal blog... and decided it was time to start "fresh," or as fresh as could be.

With this in mind, I am hoping to use this blog. While I would like to say I will blog more often in 2017, I am not sure I will keep that promise. I am committed to discussing all sorts of cool stuff in the future though, including politics. After all, we are living in interesting times... and some (okay, only one person) people have asked for my opinions on the new Trump administration down south.

Thank you for your concerns.

Wondering where that phrase came from? It's actually a shorter version of what George Costanza once said: