Prior to 2014, I ran a website that combined the "creative forces" of a number of people that changed dramatically over a 13-year period. The most popular articles from that old website have been transferred to this website, as I have considered the following to be my best "free-lance" work.

Accessing That Old List of Classmates in Your Course(s) at the University of Saskatchewan Through PAWS
Students at the University of Saskatchewan have been complaining this school year... about not being able to see a list of people in their classes before actually attending lectures.

Earn Some Pocket Cash by Taking Surveys!
Got free time? Turn it into *REAL* cash (not a work-at-home scheme)!

A Terrible Guide to Finding Exclusive Group Deals in Your Local City
As university students, Huy and Larry are cheap. However, Huy is lazy, so Larry has typed up an article about group deals.

Why I Don't Always Stop at the Stop Lines
A while ago, people started asking why Huy Dang doesn't always stop at the stop line when it comes to making left turns. Here's an official explanation.